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by which software we can play the movie recorded with pocket video recorder pen"?
[2009-08-27 04:29:10]


A: vlc mediya player

kamelsh lunawat

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Who has the best video ink pen camera recorder?

[2011-01-07 09:33:48]
Video Recorder Pen: Spy Pen 4GB High Resolution

There is a wide range of price and size.

I would consider Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen

Smartpen with 8 GB of memory, redesigned with anti-roll body and rubberized smaller grip
Capture thousands of pages of notes and over 800 hours of audio (recording time varies by audio

Mini Gadgets DV720P HD Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder 149.00

0 Mini Gadgets DV720P HD Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder SPECIAL ORDER ITEM Normally ship in 3-4 Days This is a GENUINE ITEM shipping from the USA. Our DV720P Audio /Video Recording Pen appears to be a high quality, stylish writing instrument, and it is. But looks can be very deceiving, because this pen also conceals a high def 720P video camera and DVR. Video compression: AVI video format (1280 x 720 Video resolution with up to 30 fps) Internal Storage: 4GB Includes 1 DV720P 1 USB to DC Wall charging adapter 1 Computer Driver and Instructional CD 1 USB Connector 1 Instruction Booklet Limited... com Googletalk: datu503seen only on my original auction posting, become a member here now Yahoo: datu503seen only on my original auction posting, become a member here now MSN: datu503seen only on......


JINX 'Spy' Multi-Function Video Capture Pen (5 Functions in One ...

Multi Function Device - Writing Pen, 2GB USB Flash Drive, Video & Audio Recording Camera, Still Picture Camera and PC Web Cam. The Spy Pen, incorporates one of the smallest cameras available into an attractive ballpoint pen. The digital video recorder is easy to operate and with a 2GB memory there is plenty of storage. When you are ready to view your spy footage you simply plug it into a USB port on your computer and then press play. The uses for this pen are endless. use it to record meetings, conversations, interviews or just to have fun around the office....


Communications when travelling abroad on business

m often travelling, either between meetings or overseas, and all the while the office doesn&rsquo. That&rsquo. The HD video conferencing product allows for crystal clear communication, and the fact I can have up to 40 people live at once means it&rsquo. I also use our Powwownow app frequently, as when I&rsquo. Spots - The WiFi Hotspot Directory&rsquo. app, as even with the 3G network I often have the need for good old fashioned WiFi. Spots works offline (an important feature, if you think about it) by matching your location to a database of half a million worldwide hotspots. WiFi sites are grouped to display free locations and subscription hotspots like AT&T. The app updates automatically with an ever growing list of hotspots which is handy.

Writers at the Afghan Women's Writing Project space in Kabul Cheney Orr

“When God created me, he put a world in my heart,” she said. “A world of grief, a country of blank deserts, a sky full of clouds. He put all my desires in a sack of winds. told me go and find it—I run after the winds in the blank deserts. What she read, called “Sack of Winds,” was written by an Afghan woman called Norwan, who is one of 82 participants—many of whom write in anonymity or under a pseudonym, almost all in secret—in a virtual writing lab that spans the 6,700 miles...

Alle-Kiski Valley writers continue to make their marks

Included are little-known gems like the time late Pirates broadcaster Bob Prince wagered $20 with Pirates first baseman Dick Stuart that Prince would dive from a third-story window ledge into a swimming pool. However, what Prince didn't know, according to local legend, was that Stuart wasn't going to pay up. Tatrn, 71, made sports history locally from 1959 to 1979 as a radio broadcaster, starting at WKPA and later at WYDD, both in New Kensington, and...
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Want to buy 16GB Spy Camera Pen with Voice recorder?

[2010-02-17 01:43:30]
Video Recorder Pen: Spy Pen 4GB High Resolution

Hello All,

I want to buy one 16GB Spy Camera Pen with Voice recorder from, but I am not able to decide from which seller I should buy. Can anyone of you help me please if you have purchased from indiatimes, then

Get one off Ebay..its cheap,and the video/sound quality is quite good!
You'll get one for 20 bucks if you're lucky ;)

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Abu Dhabi: WHere can i get this pen................?

[2010-01-18 03:31:38]
Video Recorder Pen: Spy Pen 4GB High Resolution

in Abu Dhabi and how much cost????

This pen has video camera, USB, voice recorder etc. y-camera-pen.jpg

this looks like it /Electronic-Gadgets/USB-Pen-Camera-Video -and-still-images-8GB-storage/6330459/?i tem_list=SOuq_adsearch&offset=1& total_hits=38&s_preserve_sort=1& q=s_keyword%3DPen%2Bcamera%26go%3D1%26pa

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WeissCrax: Singin a Sports Ditty

Video Recorder Pen: WeissCrax: Singin a Sports DittyThis sting investigation focused on those in the field with always pen, pad, cool hi-tech video recorder, laptop, or camera in hand. Then zooming to make deadline. Usually found working solo … in small sideline packs … huddled at Harry's for Santa

Smartpen blends old writing with new technology, skills

"The pen would be more of an extension of the student," Patch said. Compared with using a video camera or audio recorder to capture students' writing methods, Patch says she sees the pen as a noninvasive tool. "I think it would allow researchers to get

Dear Jac: Secret shopping - convenient ways to hide a camera

What Subhash saw was a pen with a video recorder built into its top, costing just £75, and an object looking like a car key holder, with a video recorder, on sale for £45. Subhash adds on dealing with Ukash vouchers: "On the practical side of using the

Sprint HTC EVO 3D & HTC View Tablet @ CTIA

Video Recorder Pen: Sprint HTC EVO 3D & HTC View Tablet @ CTIAAlso announced was an HTC digital pen accessory, which lets you write and draw and even sign documents. It's also an audio recorder – when you touch the pen down on what you've written you can hear the recording at that point.

Tata Sky + HD - Not Quite There Yet

Video Recorder Pen: Tata Sky + HD - Not Quite There YetTata Sky finally has a recorder that can play and record HD content. OK, so it's not full HD, but 1080i is better than nothing at all. The Tata Sky technicians graciously set it up for us in our lab and although it took over half a day to make the

Appalachia Meets Japan: One region, One nation, One goal

I came up with the idea of pen pals between a school in Japan and the two schools in Nicholas County. They communicated through art projects. It was great. I developed a gift cd for the school with a video of the students and teachers.

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Video Recorder Pen: Understanding Schemas and Emotion in Early Childhood
192 pages

Understanding Schemas and Emotion in Early Childhood

These are mostly: pen and paper Dictaphone camera video recorder. If we are using the Tavistock Method (as mentioned earlier) we would watch carefully and record (using pen and paper or a computer) as much detail as possible afterwards ...
Video Recorder Pen: Understanding Surveillance Technologies, Spy Devices, Their Origins & Applications
968 pages

Understanding Surveillance Technologies, Spy Devices, Their Origins & Applications

Left: The Samsung SVR-P700 digital pen recorder weighs 41 grams and uses aAAA battery which lasts about 4 hours. It will record ... When an audio or video recorder is placed covertly on a human, it is called 'wearing a wire' or 'being wired.
Video Recorder Pen: Getting StartED with Netbooks
424 pages

Getting StartED with Netbooks

There is a small, round button at the top of the spy pen. When pushed, it turns the video recorder on. The lens is located directly above the pocket clip, and it is quite difficult to see. The microphone is inside the clip. Note: Use common sense  ...
Video Recorder Pen: Kisses for Lula
384 pages

Kisses for Lula

Pen raisedher eyebrows. 'Maybe three,' she added. 'MrKadinski's clock!' 'Clock?' I muttered. 'Yes, alarm clock with hidden spycamera and twentygig digital video recorder combi package!' she trilled. 'I'm not hearing Pen shook head this.
Video Recorder Pen: The Behavior of Atlantic Cod, Gadus Morhua, in an Offshore Net Pen
100 pages

The Behavior of Atlantic Cod, Gadus Morhua, in an Offshore Net Pen

However, because the fish are confined within a net pen, signal loss was not a problem. ... channel digital video recorder (DVR; ID-400CD-SN, Compulan Centers Inc., Dallas, TX) was simultaneously used to log video data from four cameras.