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Film/Video Production People?
[2008-03-22 17:33:31]

Q:i live in southern cali and i'm taking a career planning class. i have a project to do where i'm supposed to talk to someone that has a career that i am interested in. is anyone here or do you know someone that is a camera operator, film editor, or something

A: I've been an editor for some 10 years now, and work in L.A., might be able to help you. Click my profile and shoot me an email.

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Can you ask 'why' after you recieve a rejection letter for an editing job?

[2008-02-14 14:15:31]

I ask this employment related question here because I know there are some really smart video people that brows here.

I was completely qualified for the position, according to the job description. I want to know if I did something wrong

Go instead to an outfit that is not currently hiring. They are in a position to be candid with their opinions concerning your portfolio. This is a win situation for everyone concerned. This place might actually like your work and hire you even though

Job Information

Title: Graphic Design/Animation. Project Name:. Video Production. Project Description:. The Telecommunication eCommerce organization is seeking a seasoned motion production designer with solid experience in motion design production, video production, and web motion production applications. Join an internal creative team chartered to shape and mold the online user experience of a national e-commerce web site. Description:. Video editing, after effects. •Provide design support for Telecommunication business units. Skill Experience Need. 2)Able to juggle multiple projects,....


Want a Video Production Job? Career Tips From a Video Producer

This job description and career tips from a video producer reveals what it’s really like to own and run an independent film production company. This “indie CEO” doesn’t just share his job description as a Production Company CEO — he reveals the best and worst parts of working in film production. Hayden Black, CEO of Evil Global Corp, says his job description as a video producer or videographer is so varied, he could also be known as “Head Cook and Bottle Washer”. Based in Los Angeles and launched by Black in 2006, this video production company is the driving force behind popular online comedies including the award-winning series Goodnight Burbank....


Claim Your Business Listing on Stoughton Patch [VIDEO]

When Stoughton Patch launched in December 2010 , editors and contributors ventured to local businesses to collect information for our directory. Patch Places is the spot to find descriptions, hours, accepted payment methods and more for spots around town. But local businesses get extra bonuses when they claim their free listing. Owners or managers can sign in and search for their business. ” Just click “Claim it. ” and a form will pop up asking for contact information and authorization to claim it.

Mercedes-Benz driving events help professionals perfect skills

Professional drivers generally come in one of three job descriptions: transportation logistics, racers, and chauffeurs. Transport logistical drivers are those who carry freight both large and small - a type of professional driver I have been, in fact. Racers are the NASCAR and similar racing drivers that most of us associate with professional drivers. Chauffeurs range from taxi drivers to school bus drivers to the elite limousine driver pictured here. A new video from the company showcases the carmaker's premier driving school aimed directly at the cream of the crop in limo drivers. If your job is to drive a taxi or shuttle people from the airport to hotels, you probably don't require this level of training.

Stephen Colbert Super PAC filings state more than $1 million raised (Video)

In a 147-page filing posted to his site, the Super PAC, named &rdquo. Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Inc. and a few $1 donations from what appear to be fake names likely concocted by comedy writers, or 12-year-old boy, the New York Times reports. The money has been spent on media consulting companies, comedy troupes and television companies in advertising buys. The filings state that Colbert still has $673,954 to spend. Expect more ads with threatening thunder, waving American flags and absurd premises. s latest attack ad, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, attacked Stephen Colbert.
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How to find a job in the media?

[2011-02-01 12:32:46]

I've been looking for a job for more than 6 months applying for at least 5 positions daily (!), and all I've got till now is only 1 interview and a rejection.

I have two Bachelor degrees and a Master degree in Media Studies (from U.S. University)

Hey there...I interned abroad at a media magazine in India last year (I'm originally from New York, graduated from Hofstra University). I found that getting international experience really helped me because it made my resume stand out from the rest. If

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How much does this kind of job pay?

[2010-01-02 17:50:21]

Commercial Producer
Posted: 2009-12-29
Atlanta, GA

Description: WUVG-TV Univision of Atlanta is seeking a skilled commercial producer to work in our Creative Services department.
Responsibilities: Duties include: Production

My guess is around $50,000/yr.

They say "Equal Opportunity Employer" BUT, if you are a Latina, you should get the job no questions asked. Such BS lies though! We're not stupid.

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It's an Analytical World Part 1 of a 3-Part Series

Almost every job profile requires analytical skills, business intelligence has been at the top of the CIO agenda for many years, and fact-based decision-making is the business model for a complete industry of consultants and analysts.

Former reporter Blood's novel is awash in local history

Along with crafting and re-crafting 'Then I Drown,' he said he's also pursued other artistic interests, including the establishment of Family Saga, a family history video production company, as well as the production of “Colors by God,” a three-part

Production Assistant Camera-Web

JOB DESCRIPTION: WWLP-22News, an NBC affiliate, currently has a full-time production assistant position available. Responsibilities include studio maintenance/lighting, operating studio cameras, graphics systems, audio board, and video playback system,

Job Interview Horror Stories

Video Production Job Description: Job Interview Horror StoriesOne entry from the site: “I went to an interview recently where the recruiter had failed to send me the job description. I had to start off the interview with 'So … what position am I being interviewed for?'” Yikes. For your reading pleasure,

Further Analysis Finds Deceptive Editing In Sting Tape, As NPR Gains An ...

Glenn Beck-branded website The Blaze may seem an unlikely defender of NPR, but when the site's editor, Scott Baker, and video production specialist, Pam Key, examined the raw footage, they found "questionable editing and tactics" and reported them all

Dustin Portillo helps light up Ringling Bros. Circus

Part of his job description also requires him to make numerous publicity appearances, which he enjoys, but there are times, Portillo said, when it's hard to be funny on demand. “Just today I was at a hospital where children were dying.

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Video Production Job Description: Teaching the Video Production Class, Beyond the Morning Newscast
160 pages

Teaching the Video Production Class, Beyond the Morning Newscast

See Universal Serial Bus Video cassette recorder (VCR), 44 Video editing software, 163, 164 Video equipment, 163 Video mixer: basic uses for, 37–38; chroma key used on, 39; Edirol/Roland, 38; job description form for, 15; monitors used ...
Video Production Job Description: Corporate Video Production, Beyond the Board Room (And OUT of the Bored Room)
330 pages

Corporate Video Production, Beyond the Board Room (And OUT of the Bored Room)

Job Description: Media Facilities Manager—01086229 Key Role: Manage all aspects of Booz Allen's media services facilities, including the media lab, studio, andaudio suite. Maintain the showcase appearance of the facilities, including ...
Video Production Job Description: Video Production Techniques, Theory and Practice From Concept to Screen
416 pages

Video Production Techniques, Theory and Practice From Concept to Screen

On a union project, roles are specifically defined and people do not generally do things outside of their job description. In a nonunion production, people often wear many different hats and a few people may execute the roles of many.
Video Production Job Description: Careers in Focus

Careers in Focus

own contracts with the artists, produce the records independently, and then sell them to the record companies for distribution. The producer's job description remained pretty much the same until the early 1980s, when the music videos became ...
Video Production Job Description: Career Opportunities in the Internet, Video Games, and Multimedia

Career Opportunities in the Internet, Video Games, and Multimedia

Each job description notes when there are opportunities for a position in other related areas. ... and film/video production, cognitive science, communication technology, computer engineering, computer graphics, data processing technology, ...