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Is there any free video editing software with chroma key?
[2009-10-09 18:02:38]

Q:1. No Windows Movie Maker, that chroma key sucks
2. i really liked the chroma key on wax, but for some reason it kept crashing in the middle

A: These guys are AMAZING
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what is a good free/free trial video editing software (with chroma key)?

[2010-10-02 17:17:05]

im trying to test some green screen stuff in gmod, anybody have any suggestions?

You may take a look at this website, it collects many free video editing software, they are free without limitaion and watermark. I'm sure you will find one you need. editor.html
Or you may try this

Use Chroma-Key Photo Software To Process Any Digital Background ...

Have you ever wanted to edit your own videos at home but didn't know how to create the special effects process like you see in Hollywood. If the answer is yes, then let me introduce you to chroma-key photo software. Chroma key has been in use in the movie making industry for decades. This technique is widely used in movies as well as in the weather news on TV. You will probably recognize the digital background for green screen when using this process. Although green has been a commonly used color, red and blue has been used as well.

Which good video editing software uses green screen / Chroma key ...

Green Screen Wizard Professional offers the all the features and benefits available in the Full Version 5. 0 with additional capabilities intended for those who demand the greatest flexibility in green screen photography. With the new Batch Capability and Gallery Mode, Green Screen Wizard Pro provides professional photographers a platform for doing business. The Pro Version offers five layers to create amazing images and supports the new sandwich overlays. It has a full annotation capability that will let you put as much text as you like on your images. Green Screen Wizard adds some new special effects that makes creating artistic images a breeze.

Final Cut Pro X Update Adds Multicam, Broadcast Monitoring

The non-linear editing program was initially launched to protests by the pro-editing community, but Version 10. 3 addresses nearly all of the remaining criticisms of the post-production tool, adding multicam support, external broadcast monitoring (still a beta feature), and detailed chroma-key controls. has now been addressed by a third-party plugin called 7toX, from Intelligent Assistance. The free program update and the 7toX transfer plugin ($9. Other new features include a more-detailed XML 1. 1 import/export format with support for effect parameters and audio keyframes, manual media relinking, and the ability to import and edit layered Photoshop graphics.

Avid Brings Its "Pro-sumer" Video Editing App to iPad

Avid, maker of high-end digital video and audio production tools, is bringing its “pro-sumer” video editing software to the iPad. The app is available starting Thursday as part of the Avid Studio suite. The app will run on iPad only, though Avid says it’s exploring other mobile operating systems. Avid Studio for iPad costs $4. That’s still much less than what other current desktop editing applications cost, including Avid’s own Avid Studio ($129. 99), Adobe Premiere Elements ($99. -based company’s first video editing application for tablets. Video editing software generally requires a substantial desktop system or a bulky laptop. using video editing apps on relatively small smartphone screens can be cumbersome.

The Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 Update: Read Our Hands-On Review

You know the back story, so let’s jump right in. Apple recently released Final Cut Pro X 10. 3 which offers several new features, most notably multicam, advanced chroma keying, XML 1. I don’t have the hardware to test the last new beta feature, so I’ll focus on the first three. On the other features, the Cliffs Notes version is this: The new multicam feature is fabulous, miles ahead of Final Cut Pro 7 and well ahead of Premiere Pro. Advanced chroma keying has some nice new twists, but I’d trade them all for an 8-point garbage matte effect. 1 looks pretty anemic from where I sit, though this isn’t an important feature for what I do.
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Which good video editing software uses green screen / Chroma key function and ss cheap?

[2010-05-23 13:53:10]

Anything thats like 50 dollars??

I'd like to recommend AVS Video Editor to you, I always use it to edit video and make funny video for uploading to Youtube, it's easy to use and the quality is awesome, you can crop, cut, join, edit video with it easily. It also embeds many special effects,

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Any Video editing software that is FREE & Can do Chroma Key effects and Other Effects.?

[2011-03-02 08:46:40]

I can't use Debug Mode: Wax, because it just crashes.
I have Windows XP SP2.

Video Editing Software Chroma Key - Bookshelf

Video Editing Software Chroma Key: Podcasting Bible
570 pages

Podcasting Bible

Nowadays, chroma key is built into many video-editing platforms. Some require an ... After you've shot your video against the green screen, the process for substituting the background depends on your video-editing software. Figure 10.8  ...
Video Editing Software Chroma Key: The Green Screen Handbook, Real-World Production Techniques
384 pages

The Green Screen Handbook, Real-World Production Techniques

Focusing on the keying aspect of BCC for After Effects, I was able to do a very quick key with the BCC Chroma Key tool and then ... and those who need to composite a short video clip without going into an advanced video-editing program.
Video Editing Software Chroma Key: Web Video Tips

Web Video Tips

There are two critical points to remember when preparing to shoot chroma— keyed footage. One: make sure that you ... of headaches down the line. Two: make sure that your editing software can deal with chroma—key footage adequately!
Video Editing Software Chroma Key: Digital Storytelling in the Classroom, New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning, and Creativity
304 pages

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom, New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning, and Creativity

Keep in mind that higher—end pack— ages, like Premier, will also do chroma— key editing. In fact, I haven't met a serious video—editing software program that wouldn't. These tend to do a cleaner, more professional job than plug—ins do, but ...
Video Editing Software Chroma Key: PC Mag
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PC Mag

FIRST LOOKS Applications BY JAN OZER ollowing years of growth F in the video -editing software market, we're now ... of software aimed at sophisticated home PC users. vanced concepts as multitrack editing and chroma-key capabilities, ...