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I have a flip video camera and there are a couple of things I can't firgure out. Help =)?
[2010-07-09 21:12:46]

Q:My flip video records up to 30 minutes. I want to freeze a part of the video and turn in into a pic that I can print and e-mail. I know my flip video can do this, but, I lost my manual. And I am not the most computer savvy chic. Anyone who has a flip

A: ok u see the button in the middle? press that then the one left to it. Ok now u see something right? OK now you press down and middle, down and middle, down and middle, up and up and middle. OK now you should be good to go!
xoxo, Fashionisto!

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how do i take pictures with my flip video camera?

[2010-04-23 12:44:15]

DON'T TELL ME TO LOOK AT THE MANUAL I LOST IT!! so how do i take pictures?????

Little Dog is correct.

Only the 1st generation Flip Ultra had the ability to take still images. The FlipShare program (part of the cam software) does allow still shots of your video.

Bye bye Flip: 4 alternatives for cheap video recording ...

Yesterday, Cisco announced that the popular line of Flip video cameras is being discontinued. The Flip is known for doing one thing and doing it well: Recording video cheaply. If you’ve already got a Flip camera, don’t worry–Cisco will continue to support it for some time during a “transition” (more information on that is coming down the road). iPod touch You can probably point to last fall’s announcement of an updated iPod touch as the beginning of the end for the Flip. For almost the same amount of money as a device that only recorded video, you could now get a device that connects to the Internet, runs thousands of apps, plays movies and music, and records video. You could record, edit, and share your video clip without ever having to connect to a computer–talk about living in a post-PC era....


gps navigation system sale » manual Flip Video Tripod

You are unable to own some sort of Flip Training video (or just about any camera) without having this nifty, lightweight tripod. In comparison with what I spent about the actual Lift, this mini-tripod can be a bargain also it really allows keep this videos via being as well shaky. Make use of it, you screw it about the bottom on the Flip then adjust your 3 bendable legs in to whatever position you desire them to become in. Regarding storage, the THREE OR MORE legs additionally fold directly and tight then it doesn’t consume... One big surprise I found that i hadn’t contemplated before seemed to be that there isn’t always a good place that will put the tripod to have the excellent angle on your video. I appeared to be afraid it becomes weak as well as spindly, but had been pleasently......


manual Flip Video Tripod | Fish And Aquarium Supplies

It could have been nice should they included the clip with regard to vertical supports, but without doubt, for the worth, it’s the steal. In comparison with what WE spent to the actual Flip, this mini-tripod can be a bargain but it really facilitates keep our videos through being too shaky. To utilize it, you prop it about the bottom belonging to the Flip after which you can adjust the actual 3 bendable legs straight into whatever position you need them to become in. To get storage, the 3 OR MORE legs also fold directly and tight so... One shock I found i always hadn’t thought about before has been that at this time there isn’t always a fantastic place to place the tripod to have the excellent angle on your video. I had been afraid it would be weak and spindly, but had been pleasently......


PSA Explains The Proper Etiquette Of Texting While Walking [Video]

, The informative three-minute PSA-style video with its authoritative narration makes viewers aware of the potential hazards and faux-pas associated with street texting. The modern “OMG: A Guide for Texting Safety and Etiquette” acts as a flip book manual, with lesson one pointing out texters lack of spacial awareness, that therefore causes texting-related accidents. Evoking plenty of chuckles, this video for the proper technique of texting and walking provides a social commentary on our addicted-to-smartphone-screen-society and the harm that can be caused while we gaze, head down into our devices while moving...

Sony Bloggie Live Makes Anyone an Instant Broadcaster

Just because Flip left the pocket camcorder business doesn&rsquo. t want small handheld recorders that shoot high-def video. it has built-in Wi-Fi and allows users to broadcast their video live over the Internet. It records full 1080p video along with 12. With 8 megabytes of built-in memory, you can store 75 minutes of high-def video before off-loading to your computer. s also a built-in LED light for shooting in low light, and a stereo microphone. Using the Bloggie is point-and-shoot simple &ndash. no manual controls to fiddle with, and automatic face detection to keep your subject in focus.

Canon PowerShot G1 X first hands-on (video)

This week, Canon reinforced its commitment to not producing a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera by launching the PowerShot G1 X . The company's latest G-series camera is by far the most powerful, and most expensive model, ringing up at $799. Its pricing and spec list imply that the G1 X could be a DSLR competitor, but is it. No, not by a long shot. Instead, the company's most powerful compact cam is designed to be a companion to cameras in Canon's DSLR line, acting as a second, third or fourth shooter to professional photographers. The G1 X includes a 1.
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Where can i download a free user manual for a Vivitar DVR 510N?

[2010-08-07 22:04:25]

Where can i download a free user manual for a Vivitar DVR 510N? i dont know how to work it at all im leaving for camp tomorrow morning and i need to know fast PLEASE. its not the video camera looking on. its black and rectangular and looks kind of like

All the decent manufacturers let you download manuals directly from their website. Vivitar might be a different story, but did you at least try there?

You're needing the camera tomorrow morning...... why did you leave this til the very

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Does anyone have a User Manual for a Sharp VC-A66 VHS Video Recorder/Player?

[2009-05-10 06:25:27]

Hi I was recently given a Sharp Multi Brand TV Remote VHS HQ VC A66 with G-Code. It works beautifully and the basic functions are easy enough. I can get the Video Player to play record etc, but I don't have the Manual so alot of the functions on the Remote

Try contacting Sharp directly.

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Flip Video Manual: KARRINE “SUPERHEAD” STEFFANS KICKED OFF TALKSHOW REPORTER CALLS HER “VIDEO ...Notorious video vixen Karrine “Superhead”Steffans got kicked off a talkshow during her Vixen Manual promo tour. Karrine has been trying to reinvent herself as a respectable housewife and mother but the talk show hosts weren't buying it. they reminded

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Review

In terms of architecture, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i has not changed much from the T2i, save one exceedingly useful addition—the flip-out Vari-angle 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor with Live View. Canon put on the Ritz with the 1040000-pixel screen,


Plaintiffs responded that there remained a live controversy because defendants could, with the "flip of a switch," return to violating the ADA. JA 109. Further, plaintiffs alleged that defendants continued to violate the ADA by failing to caption music

Monster of a lens

The HS10 has a flip-out style screen that will allow you to take photographs from unconventional angles. There's an electronic viewfinder as well, but quality of the image is so deplorable t hat it's better to use the LCD instead.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i (with 18-55mm IS II lens)

Flip Video Manual: Canon EOS Rebel T3i (with 18-55mm IS II lens)On the back there are direct-access controls for Live View/video recording, exposure compensation, white balance, autofocus method (single, AI focus and AI servo), drive mode, Picture Style, AE/AF lock, and focus area (single-point manual or all-points

Honda's Gold Standard Minivan Still Shines

Flip Video Manual: Honda's Gold Standard Minivan Still ShinesThese same third row seats flip and fold flat into the floor- a simple one step procedure. The Odyssey line up comprises the top line Touring Trim equipped with such luxury features as a rear entertainment system that features a huge 16.2 in.

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Flip Video Manual: Flip Video For Dummies
240 pages

Flip Video For Dummies

Walks you through the basics of using a Flip Video camera and connecting it to your Mac or PC Explains how to shoot footage indoors, outdoors, and even underwater Covers editing video footage using FlipShare, Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie ...
Flip Video Manual: The Flip Mino Pocket Guide
192 pages

The Flip Mino Pocket Guide

Figure 6.22 Choosing a theme. Leave the Automatically Add Transitions and Titles option enabled, and click the Create button. 2. Import some video. To do this, plug your Flip camcorder into your Mac. Ifyou've plugged in a MinoHD or UltraHD, ...
Flip Video Manual: iMovie '09 & iDVD: The Missing Manual, The Missing Manual
464 pages

iMovie '09 & iDVD: The Missing Manual, The Missing Manual

The Missing Manual David Pogue, Aaron Miller. Tapeless Camcorders UP TO SPEED The Definition ... Double-click it to open a window containing the “Flip Video for Mac” installer software. Double-click the installer icon to get the necessary ...
Flip Video Manual: Online Marketing, A User's Manual
230 pages

Online Marketing, A User's Manual

A User's Manual Murray Newlands. FLIP. VIDEO. If you are a Blackberry devotee, your best option for creating video that's easy to upload is to get a Flip video camera. A good model will cost $150 — $200 and it will make professional- quality ...
Flip Video Manual: e-Study Guide for: Technology In Action
63 pages

e-Study Guide for: Technology In Action

Flip Video: The Flip Video camera was a tapeless camcorder for digital video created by Pure Digital Technologies, a company bought by Cisco Systems in March 2009; however the Flip Video range wasretired in April 2011. Variants included ...