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How do you set up a digital camera for a long exposure shot?
[2010-06-21 17:03:24]

Q:I am interested in taking a long exposure picture to capture light/motion. I was wondering how to set up my digital camera for this.
My camera is an Olympus SP-600UZ.

A: I noticed that this camera's specifications indicate that there is not a "bulb" setting, but that it will allow up to a 4 second exposure in "night mode." I would set the camera up on a tripod, using this mode, and the self-timer at

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What is a good digital camera for long exposure shots?

[2009-07-28 19:53:52]
Digital Camera Long Exposure: the beautiful maiden rises

A reasonable cost ($200-500) is preferred. Thank you!

The Long Exposure

wrote: “need some advice, long exposure with pentax k20d” and had a smiley face next to it.   Now he is doing very beautiful photography someplace that is the exact opposite of where I am, and here’s a link to his photography.   Probably he is.   However, I would like to take this opportunity to say that no matter what I’ve written before, I have not used or even seen every camera. But you know what, it’s a good idea because I’ve been doing long exposures since I knew how to press a shutter.   And there is something about the “long exposure” that has always fascinated me. And to make matters worse, I even know what fascinates me about it: like other photographic techniques, it shows things which can’t be seen by the human eye alone.   And let’s face the fact that as photographers we are recorders of some fraction of time, and some fraction of the world....


Learn Digital Photography Now – Buying a New Digital Camera

For starters we have to understand the similarities of film and digital cameras. In short, a camera is a light tight box that allows exposure of a light-sensitive material through the use of a shutter and an aperture. This definition does not change from film to digital cameras, nor does the process. Both types of cameras have Lenses, which focus the image and control how the image will look (wide or telephoto). The better the lens quality, the sharper and more clear your image. Shutters control the duration of the exposure in both types of cameras. Both film and digital cameras use an Aperture to control how much light hits the sensor during the time frame that the shutter is open. 8 or 4) will let in a lot of light, while small apertures (16 or 22) will let in very little light....


Long Exposure Photography

Night photography may perhaps be so forgiving during nasty weather consequently if heavy rain prevented a photographer from shooting images of the town during a daylight hours it is well worth testing for a second time after sunset. However, nighttime photography may perhaps prove a bit of a problem after the digital camera is set to auto often the photographs happen to be quite bad, but by mastering a couple different so simple tips you’ll be able to shoot some unique... Initially is ensuring lots of light gets into the digital camera for a suitable looking exposure & second is making sure that the digital camera is steady throughout that exposure to prevent any wobble. Furthermore in this review I’ll illustrate you methods to ensure that a sufficient amount of light gets in the......


Canon U.S.A. Continues the Tradition of Sponsoring the New York Yankees and ...

, a leader in digital imaging solutions,. today announced the Company has extended sponsorship deals with the New. York Yankees through 2014, and Madison Square Garden. will sponsor the New Era Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium. As part of the three-year renewed sponsorship with the Yankees, Canon. will remain the "Official Digital Camera, Copier, SLR Camera and Printer. of the New York Yankees. exposure on rotating signage behind home plate during each game, as well.

10 Photography Tips for Beginners

Digital photography has democratized the medium. More people are taking more photos than ever before, and they're sharing them online with friends and family in record numbers. It's easy to place the blame on the camera if your images aren't as nice as some others you see online, but by following a few guidelines you can improve the quality of your photos&mdash. without having to shell out big bucks for a new camera. The easiest rule of thumb to learn and remember is the Rule of Thirds. Basically, you'll want to break your frame into nine squares of roughly equal size. Try and align the subject of your photo along these lines and intersections and imagine the main image divided over these nine boxes. Many newer cameras have a rule of thirds grid overlay that you can activate when shooting.

Using Your Camera's Settings: Program Mode, Shutter Speed, and More

Attend any digital photography workshop, and inevitably you'll hear questions about digital camera exposure controls . Photographers want to know: How are aperture priority and shutter priority modes different. Knowing which mode to use for specific photographic situations, and how your camera's various controls interact with each other can help you take dramatically better photos, and more easily, to boot. Program vs. Auto Modes Your camera's Program and Auto modes are clearly different--for one thing, camera manufacturers are unlikely to create two modes that do the exact same thing. Here's a typical camera settings dial, where you can see Auto, P (Program), S (shutter priority), A (Aperture priority), N (Manual mode), and others:.
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How do have a very long exposure on a digital camera?

[2009-09-09 17:24:00]
Digital Camera Long Exposure: Strum

I want to do some astrophotography so obviously i need a big aperature and long exposure time. My digital camera, however, only keeps the shutter open for 8 seconds. How do I keep it open longer?
ya sorry. Im more of an astronomy guy than photography.

You don't if that is the max your camera will let you use.

You need a camera with a "bulb" setting. I.E. the shutter stays open as long as you have the shutter button pressed.

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How to do long exposure on digital camera?

[2010-09-30 07:16:53]
Digital Camera Long Exposure: Wave

I have a pretty old camera sony cybershot dsc-650
i want to do photography to win this contest.
and it involves light art.
i understand if it is not possible

Turn it on night mode. Most cameras have an expanded shutter speed range in night mode. Good luck with the contest!

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX77

If that's not enough, its maker provides the 'extra optical zoom' option to extend this to a 9.8x reach, as long as you don't mind resolution dropping to three megapixels as only the central portion of the CCD sensor is utilised; the camera in effect

Canon PowerShot Elph 500 HS Review

The camera's shutter speed reached down to 15 seconds, making our long exposure shooting worthwhile. However, we experienced the same ISO cap on the Elph 500 HS as we did on the SX230 HS. Anything past 1-second will default to ISO 100,

Pentax: New firmware for K-5, 645D

Digital Camera Long Exposure: Pentax: New firmware for K-5, 645DFor cameras running 645D v1.02, the camera's LCD panel will now display the time remaining to complete a dark current exposure after the image exposure has completed, when long exposure noise reduction is active. It will also allow the flash sync speed

Nikon Coolpix P500 (red)

The rest of the controls don't change from the P100 (ie, a pretty standard digital camera control layout) with two exceptions. There is now a rocker switch on the lens barrel for controlling the lens. It can be used to zoom in and out (handy when

Our Guide for Do-It-Yourself Product Photography

Whichever kind of camera you choose, it just needs to have a manual setting so you can make lens adjustments if necessary; most every digital camera on the market does this now. Resolution is not much of a concern as long as your camera is over six

Samsung DualView TL205

Digital Camera Long Exposure: Samsung DualView TL205Also on the Mode dial is a Night mode that lets you set the shutter speed and aperture for long exposures using a tripod (up to 8 seconds); Scene mode with 10 types to choose from; movie capture for VGA-quality clips at 30fps; and a Beauty Shot mode

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Digital Camera Long Exposure: Mastering Digital Photography, 2nd ed.
350 pages

Mastering Digital Photography, 2nd ed.

You might have even more exposure options available with your digital camera. Among your choices: I Bulb/long exposure. Long exposures are anything longer than 1/ 8th second; many cameras can produce exposures of several seconds ...
Digital Camera Long Exposure: 101 Great Things to Do with Your Digital Camera
160 pages

101 Great Things to Do with Your Digital Camera

Most digital cameras can set exposures of up to one or two seconds in their fully automatic ('program') mode; all you need to do is turn a With a long exposure ( here it's 1 second) only the moving parts of the scene will be blurred - in this case , ...
Digital Camera Long Exposure: Quick Snap Guide to Digital Photography, An Instant Start-Up Manual for New Digital Camera Owners
500 pages

Quick Snap Guide to Digital Photography, An Instant Start-Up Manual for New Digital Camera Owners

An Instant Start-Up Manual for New Digital Camera Owners David D. Busch ... Long exposure noise can be produced at any ISO setting if the exposure is long enough, but when you combine it with high ISO noise, the speckles become even  ...
Digital Camera Long Exposure: The Complete Guide to Canon's Rebel XSI / 450D Digital SLR Camera (B&W Edition)
415 pages

The Complete Guide to Canon's Rebel XSI / 450D Digital SLR Camera (B&W Edition)

TIP: Noise Reduction (or, “Why Long Exposures take so long to complete.”) - The question comes up endlessly on the Internet's digital imaging newsgroups: “How come whenever I take a picture that's longer than one second, the camera takes ...
Digital Camera Long Exposure: The Complete Guide to Sony's Alpha 300 and 350 Digital SLR Cameras
418 pages

The Complete Guide to Sony's Alpha 300 and 350 Digital SLR Cameras

TIP: Noise Reduction (or, “Why Long Exposures take so long to complete.”) - The question comes up endlessly on the Internet's digital imaging newsgroups: “How come whenever I take a picture that's longer than one second, the camera takes ...