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Do you need a membership for the costco photo center?
[2010-05-25 13:01:22]

Q:I was wondering if you have to have a membership at costco in order to use their photo center. And also, if i bring in a cd of pictures do i just tell them which ones I want printed?

A: Yes you do.

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Are Costco photo prints the same as a professional photo lab prints?

[2009-08-24 13:23:10]
Costco Photo: Costco

are costco photo prints the same as a professional photo lab prints?
like the same quality?

At least at my two local Costco photo labs the prints are absolutely wonderful. I have a professional lab for film developing and ran a test. I sent digital files to both my lab and Costco and the quality was exactly the same.

Send a few

Problem Ordering Pictures at Costco - Elements Village

When trying to order 31 (5 x 7) Pictures at Costco Photo On line the other day, the cost should be . 39 cents per copy. The copies ordered was hard to complete, but got that done after a time. I cancelled order, tried again, same thing. Went to Costco with thumb drive, and got them ordered and filled in 20 min. I contacted the Costco Photo Web site, and was advised that if my win zoom level was more than 100% the number of my prints and the sizes would not show properly, so I would need to change it to 100% in the future. Was having trouble with another program not working right, so changed the zoom level to 100% and that solved that problem too. So hope this may help others with their photo orders.

Costco renews with PNI |

PNI Digital Media , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, extended the term of its Internet Services Agreement with Costco Wholesale , Issaquah, Wa. , to provide and operate the Costco online photo service. The service will continue to allow Costco members to upload and place orders for photo prints, greeting cards, calendars, photo books, posters, canvas prints, and other photo gift items on the Costco Photo Center website, with options to pick up... PNI also provides online photo services for Costco in Canada and Australia.

Letters: Voter ID pressure is unwarranted

Photo credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr. | Amber Pawloski, 3, waits with her mother, Lisa, and brother Kyle behind the voting booth at Alleghany Avenue Elementary School in Lindenhurst. I must respond to the letter writer who supports voter photo ID laws ["Solid reasoning behind voter photo ID," Jan. The few instances of voter fraud mentioned by the writer are not on a scale to justify oppressive voter ID laws. There has never been a major problem in this country with people trying to vote illegally, but there is a long history of efforts to stop people from voting, and not just by Republicans.

Wendy's CEO: Our wounds were 'self-inflicted'

Emil Brolick, the CEO since September, told investors on Monday that he was intent on winning back customers, jaded by a stale menu and inconstant service, as well as investors, who have grown weary of "a little bit of overpromising and... "These are not DNA issues," said Brolick, who also worked at Wendy's during more halcyon days of the late '80s and early '90s. "These are issues we caused, and any time you have self-inflicted wounds, you can correct self-inflicted wounds.

Lowly soft-top boards underrated

The other day as I was walking out toward, the break I noticed two or three other surfers in various stages of warming up and stretching. One guy in particular lying on his back kind of caught my eye and I instinctively recognized that something was wrong. As I walked over to check on him, I noticed an ashen look to his complexion and a gash on his forehead that was bleeding. Turns out, he took a spill in the inside section, which is really dumpy right now, and the board's rail caught him in the head. He had been wearing a hood, so the small gash under his hood line belied the impact that he must have felt.
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Why do you need to answer a mathematical skill question for the Costco photo contest?

[2010-07-20 08:44:00]
Costco Photo: 126/365 - Sunset over Costco

I was reading the rules for the Costco Photography contest and it mentioned that the winners will have to answer a mathematical skill question correctly to be eligible to win. Why is this? So if I win and I'm terrible at math, I won't be able to claim

Simple really - their competition, their rules.

If they want they could make you hop on one leg whilst singing Beatles hits.

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Where to input costco photo coupon?

[2009-05-03 00:17:07]
Costco Photo: Costco

Hi I have a coupon for 9cent 4x6 prints at costco. I've uploaded over 800 photos and I'm about to check out but I can't find where to input the coupon code. The coupon states that it can be used online, but I can't seem to find where to input it..

First off sorry the coupon expired on Sunday but if it was still good they would of taken it off at the register.

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Costco will try again to privatize liquor sales in Washington

(AP Photo/file) By LINDA THOMAS Costco will try again to get Washington state out of the liquor businesses. A Costco lobbyist tells Publicola that the company is preparing another bill to privatize liquor in Washington state. Costco was a big backer of

Here comes the bride, all dressed by Costco

Costco Photo: Here comes the bride, all dressed by CostcoBridal gowns designed by Kirstie Kelly will be sold in traveling 'trunk shows' at Costco, starting in stores in California. But they're not there yet. In this photo taken Feb. 28, 2011, a customer shops at the Costco Wholesale store in Glendale, Calif.

Silicon Valley struggles to hire enough software engineers

Instagram, a photo-sharing startup, goes to Costco to make sure workers never run short of their favorite foods and drinks. Google, meanwhile, is squeezing out startups by paying recent computer science grads $90000 to $105000 a year, according to the

Free Printer: How to Avoid Getting Ripped-Off on Refills

Costco Photo: Free Printer: How to Avoid Getting Ripped-Off on RefillsBut he does recommend Costco's printer refill service, which is a poorly advertised option operating out of Costco warehouse photo departments. You drop off your cartridges and they'll refill them while you troll for a lunch (uhmmmm, samples), he says.

Costco goes bridal

Costco Photo: Costco goes bridalOf course, Costco already sells diamonds, flower arrangements, honeymoon vacations, wedding-photo packages and invitations. But when a friend of mine got her elegant letter-pressed invites made there, she made me swear not to tell anyone – and therein

Diet Coke Outfizzes Pepsi as No. 2 US Soda

Costco Photo: Diet Coke Outfizzes Pepsi as No. 2 US SodaAP FILE - In this March 3, 2010 file photo, a Costco customer pours a Diet Coke drink at Costco in Diet Coke bubbled up into the second spot in the US soft drink market, ending Pepsi's decades-long run as the perennial runner-up to regular Coca-Cola

Costco Photo - Bookshelf

Costco Photo: The Costco Experience 2011, Revised and Updated Edition
138 pages

The Costco Experience 2011, Revised and Updated Edition

Chapter 8: Merry Miscellany At different points throughout this book, Costco has been described as something of a circus. ... services for Costco customersinclude eye examinations, an instore pharmacy, photo development,travelservices, ...
Costco Photo: IPad and IPhone Digital Photography Tips and Tricks
354 pages

IPad and IPhone Digital Photography Tips and Tricks

Tap on either the Glossy or Lustre (matte) option to choose the photo paper finish that will be used when creating your prints. A running ... The Costco app uploads your images to Costco's Photo Center computer, and your prints are created.
Costco Photo: Moats : The Competitive Advantages of Buffett and Munger Businesses
357 pages

Moats : The Competitive Advantages of Buffett and Munger Businesses

Costco's has a partnership with other business giants such as American Express. This further stabilizes their moat by attracting that business oriented customer. Costco travel, Costco insurance, Costco photo center, and Costco pharmacy are  ...
Costco Photo: The Bride & Groom Thank-You Guide, A Thoroughly Modern Manual for Expressing Your Gratitude-Quickly, Painlessly andPersonally!
256 pages

The Bride & Groom Thank-You Guide, A Thoroughly Modern Manual for Expressing Your Gratitude-Quickly, Painlessly andPersonally!

It may take a little bit more organization, but you can customize your photo to the recipient by groups. ... upload it at an inexpensive photo developing site (like, or Target's or Costco's photo developing centers) and print ...
Costco Photo: Marketing Management 14th Edition
812 pages

Marketing Management 14th Edition

Costco's mission is β€œto continually provide our members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices.” With nearly 60 ... Costco's services include pharmacies, optometrists, photo processors, food courts, and gas stations .