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what to do with Costco diamond GIA number?
[2008-11-08 12:56:13]

Q:I bought diamond ear rings in costco. since they were less than 1CT, it came with costco certificate with GIA number. How do I check the validity of this GIA #. I could not find a report for that number in GIA website.

A: GIA is the Gemological Institute of America. It is the Institute that sets the standards for all gemstones, from Alexandrite, the price of which is ever so much higher than diamonds, to Zircon, not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia (a man made gem substitute).

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If I buy a diamond ring In Costco, am I getting a better deal than local store?

[2010-06-18 08:15:51]

I do not know anything about diamonds. I am a Costco shopper on almost anything, because I know it is all priced right. But diamonds and jewelry, I am not too sure.

Perhaps. Costco diamonds are diamonds just like the ones available in jewelry stores. I have researched their jewelry in the past. Costco doesn't have a huge selection and cannot special order or repair/service jewelry, but what they have is nice.

6 Undervalued Companies With Profit-Creating Potential

Overlooked by the rest of Wall Street, these "diamonds in the rough" have the potential to great big gains for the visionaries who add them to a portfolio. Six companies to consider as undervalued are United Technologies Corporation ( UTX ), Costco Wholesale Corporation ( COST ), Praxair Inc ( PX ), Express Scripts Inc ( ESRX ), General Mills Inc ( GIS ) and Cognizant Technology Solutions ( CTSH). United Technologies Corporation. Providing technology, innovative products and service to the aerospace and construction industries, Hartford, Connecticut-based United Technologies manufactures everything from elevators to air conditioners and video surveillance equipment. UTX had a big year in 2011 , and this year looks to be another strong one for this manufacturing giant.

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High gasoline prices boost cities' revenues

In the 1980s and 1990s halcyon days of economic development, cities would see dollar signs when they'd usher in a big box store or auto dealership. In the revenue game, sales tax is king and these big producers were treated as royalty. The changes began with the Great Recession of 2008, when commercial developers stopped biting as easy credit vaporized. Adding insult to injury, as the economy has begun rebounding, the state has swooped in and snatched away redevelopment, a potent tool for attracting such big producers, leaving an economic forecast that's cloudy for most local cities. Since the recession, cities have gradually been benefitting from rising gasoline prices.
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how do I GENTLY talk him out of buying my diamond at Costco?

[2010-04-08 11:57:57]

I know he's looking for a ring and we've been looking at a lot of rings lately whenever we go out. I have a very different taste and like rings with character and a large stone. He doesn't have a lot of money saved up and can only afford something around

OKAY! so, i absolutely understand with what you are saying - though i DO think It's shallow.
I must admit, i had a similar conversation with my boyfriend. I have to wear it for the rest of my life, and I want what i want, right? His point was that,

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Engagement Diamond (loose diamond) from Costco..?

[2008-11-14 09:48:49]

Im thinking about buying an engagement ring at I want to buy a loose diamond there. Would any one recommend this. Also does Costco offer insurance or warranty in case the diamond gets chipped or lost. The diamonds there seem to be cheaper

Costco has some amazing diamonds. I've seen them in person and wow! The one I was looking at was $30k yea hahah. But do your research on the 4'cs. Make sure you know your budget and preference for the diamonds cut, color, clarity and carat.

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Woman's wedding ring returned after Sacramento airport custodian finds it in ...

Lynne Erpelding was pushing a cart full of groceries at Costco on Tuesday when she realized her ring was gone. Erpelding racked her brain to recall the last time she had seen the thick gold band and its smattering of diamonds.

If There's Anything to Worry About at P&G, It's This

With all -- or at least most -- of the major branded-goods manufacturers raising prices or getting ready to do so, the concern is that the move will push more consumers toward private- and store-label products offered through retailers like Costco

Lost & found

Burgundy case with prescription Costco glasses inside found at Home Show. Call 383-4979. * Set of keys with a Pontiac car key and gas tank key found in the Broadway area. Call 204-2888. * iPod found in the Costco parking lot. Call 386-3857 or 871-1426.

A second chance

corporate counsel of CostCo Wholesale Corp. and Ulysses Bridgeman Jr. of JRMINN. The inventory at the membership warehouse wholesale store is definitely extensive from diamond rings for nearly $40000 to exercise bikes, paddleboards to laptops,

Got Tequila?

Costco in Lake in the Hills. They are fresh and a bargain. Ah, the ultimate in tequila. Binny's Beverage Depot, with a location in Algonquin, has a list of 227 tequilas on its website. You'll be able to find a variety of silver tequila there.

Caregiver's murder conviction reversed over technicality

in Njonge's wallet when he was arrested, or perhaps over the care Njonge was giving the man. Njonge admitted in court he took the Costco card and also stole several paintings and a diamond ring from other patients, but he denied having killed Britt.

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Costco Diamonds: Marketing
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The hot dogs retail for $1.50 each, while a single piece of jewelry can retail for as much as $100,000. Well- known manufacturers' brands share shelf space with Kirkland Signature, Costco's private brand. Members may walk past stacks of ...
Costco Diamonds: Marketing (LL Version)
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Marketing (LL Version)

The hot dogs retail for $1.50 each, while a single piece of jewelry can retail for as much as $100,000. Wellknown manufacturers' brands share shelf space with Kirkland Signature, Costco's private brand. Members may walk past stacks of ...
Costco Diamonds: Kiplinger's Personal Finance
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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

STILL, TRYING to get a CoStCO price for that 50-inch HDTV you spotted at Best Buy can seem like trying to match ... or so flat- screen TVs, a rack of digital cameras, a small showcase of diamonds, a good selection of wine, and enough beef, ...
Costco Diamonds: How to Buy a Diamond, Insider Secrets for Getting Your Money's Worth
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How to Buy a Diamond, Insider Secrets for Getting Your Money's Worth

You never know where that diamond has been or what's been done to it since it was graded. ... Costco While generally Costco does not sell the quality diamonds that other fully bonded jewelers do, on occasion I have found a few diamonds ...
Costco Diamonds: Household almanac, tips for everyday living from Costco
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Household almanac, tips for everyday living from Costco

FINDING THAT SPECIAL DIAMOND THE QUALITY AND VALUE of Costco's diamond selections are unquestionable. Costco diamonds come with appraisals —jewe|ry containing a diamond of any size includes a Costcogenerated appraisal, ...