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How in world do you think Nick Cannon, a nerdy anorexic hack with a gay mustache, got Mariah Carey?
[2010-09-02 01:53:24]


A: She loves his sense of humor for some reason. Humor goes a long way for certain women. Most of the major crushes I've had were on guys who weren't good looking but incredibly funny. Plus I'm sure he treats her right, unlike her last husband who treated

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What's th source for kitten cannon?

[2011-02-25 12:21:17]
Cannon Hack: Ornament of War

What is the source for kitten cannon hacks on Cydia for the ipod itten-cannon-iphone-hack-2011/

vid included.

Bolt Action Pneumatic Spud Gun - Hack a Day

If I was going to recommend a spud gun project I would have to recommend combustion types. But 3 of them exploded during development its seriously unsafe and it would be dumb to do. That being said… When the fourth revision fired it looked like a howitzer. We /never/ found one single projectile fired from it. It was shot in a 3/4 mile field with another mile or so of field behind it. We discontinued firing it due to concern we were damaging property. I hate to burst your fiery bubble, but I will. Not to say I don’t believe you. over a mile flights are hilarious fun....


Velvet Attack: Anonymous' Poland hack stirs debate on international censorship ...

Anonymous has struck again, this time the victim is the Polish government, targeted over its stated intent to sign The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA, at a January 26th talk in Tokyo. Imagine it as an international censorship superstructure that would dwarf SOPA and PIPA in ambition and scope, gradually bringing all governments together in one vast censorship orgy. Late last night Anonymous tweeted , “The canons are being loaded and we are commencing ATTACK. ” The canons, of course, refer to the Lulz Cannon, or Low Orbit Ion Cannon, which launches DDoS attacks, a controversial but often highly effective form of digital protest in which hundreds or thousands of computers are used to bombard a site with...

US Government Online Security Website Hacked

Hackers under the AntiSec banner appeared to have hacked late Monday the website of OnGuardOnline. In a message on the OnGuardOnline website and on Pastebin , the hackers threatened "a relentless war against the corporate internet", destroying what it said would be "dozens upon dozens" of government and company websites, if the Stop Online... It also threatened to dump emails, passwords, bank accounts, and other information from the hacked websites.

Megaupload arrests and shutdown spark hack attacks

Megaupload and related sites run by the same people represent an . "international organised criminal enterprise allegedly responsible for. massive worldwide online piracy of numerous types of copyrighted. works", the US Department of Justice (DoJ) and the FBI said on Thursday. Seven people have been charged with racketeering, copyright. The authorities said the company, which describes itself. as providing "the leading online storage and file delivery service",. has generated more than $175m (£113m) in "criminal proceeds" from the use of its sites to commit and enable the theft of copyrighted works. For a premium, Megaupload users could have unlimited file. storage and give other people direct links to the material they were. Megabox, which was a web-based music locker and player with an. integrated music store.
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Would it be possible to steal character models from StarCraft and hack them into Age Of Empires?

[2007-11-16 22:28:32]
Cannon Hack: Plaques

If so, I would like to replace my Viking Berserkers with Terran Battlecruisers. Castles, petards, knights of the round table! FEAR MY UNGODLY YAMOTO CANNON!!! -burninates teh peasants-

But seriously. I have both games; how could I do this?

not possible

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Some guy threatened to hack my computer!?

[2010-12-09 16:42:22]
Cannon Hack: Fire In the Hole!

Ok So this guy is threatening to hack my computer using low orbit ion cannon or something like that. What should i do about this? Should I call the police? or should i like report it somewhere? please help! thanks:)

ok for 1 thing he is not in 29a this guy is a shuck ! LOIC is made to attack websites not personal computers and their IP's, LOIC over flows TCP AND UDP and HTTP so its spams the shit out the server not personal computers !

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Amateur Hour: Ryan Lay

Cannon Hack: Amateur Hour: Ryan LaySometimes it just comes off pretentious and hack-work. It's just funny because you're my friend and I'm talking to you on a totally different level than just friends. Matt Price At home in Arizona, Ryan Lay gets a nocturnal nosegrind on a high one.

Ben Foden and Chris Ashton lead Northampton's rout of Wasps

Cannon Hack: Ben Foden and Chris Ashton lead Northampton's rout of WaspsFoden took his try smartly, outpacing Richard Haughton as Ashton's fly-hack neared the Wasps line, following Jack Wallace's knock-on on halfway.Ashton wasted three chances, including dropping a pass a metre out, before securing the bonus point 13

More than a hack holiday

Galvin told the crowd at Dorchester Heights that the letter, which celebrated the seizure of a cannon used at Dorchester Heights, was stolen from the state archives 60 years ago and had recently been reclaimed. Tea Party cynics, who co-opt history,

Exclusive: Interview with Off Duty Gamers - Part Two

Cannon Hack: Exclusive: Interview with Off Duty Gamers - Part TwoRigger82: Tough one, most game sound designers seem to amp up the weapon noise so players feel like they've got this bass busting cannon in their hands. In many cases you're hearing protection on the range is more likely to be for that staccato crack

New and Cool Gear: 'Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2,' 'Power Gig ...

'Samurai Heroes' makes it rain with enemies to hack, slash Are you more the Costco bulk shopper than the selective Whole Foods peruser? Then, here's a game that pumps up the jam just for you. The one versus 1000 hack-and-slash genre gets its latest

Teenage rampage: What Anonymous can teach us about the youth

Hacking tools are so easy to acquire online and so easy to use that pretty much anyone can launch an attack if they have the time and motivation. My friend George V. Hulme wrote a story recently about one such tool: LOIC (the Low Orbit Ion Cannon).

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Cannon Hack: Beginning Digital Image Processing, Using Free Tools for Photographers
312 pages

Beginning Digital Image Processing, Using Free Tools for Photographers

The Cannon Hack Development Kit (CHDK) is software that enhances the features of some Canon cameras. It is the result of excellent work of many people around the world. The web site for the project contains up-to-date information, a forum ...
Cannon Hack: Nightwork, A History of Hacks and Pranks at MIT
248 pages

Nightwork, A History of Hacks and Pranks at MIT

A History of Hacks and Pranks at MIT Institute Historian T. F. Peterson, Eric Bender ... Approximately a thousand hours of work went into the cannon's Brass Rat, the most durable of any hack artifact ever made, which now resides in the MIT ...
Cannon Hack: Shiloh, 1862
512 pages

Shiloh, 1862

bells to make cannons, and in times of peace the reverse was true.' Beauregard suggested ... Ana' when foes no longer attack Ana' the lightning eloua' of war Shall roll thunderless and far We will melt the cannon hack, Into hells. In 1528, for  ...
Cannon Hack: Hidden History of Kentucky Soldiers
174 pages

Hidden History of Kentucky Soldiers

On the St. Nazaire raid, Hack was Bessie's right-waist gunner, manning a .50- caliber machine gun about halfway along the ... A 20 mm cannon shell from a Focke Wulf tore through the fuselage, missing Hack's head by inches and slicing his ...
Cannon Hack: Speaking of Faith: Public Relations Practice Among Religion Communicators in the United States
208 pages

Speaking of Faith: Public Relations Practice Among Religion Communicators in the United States

Douglas Farber Cannon ... Newsletter stories covered both flack and hack topics. ... improving photography (hack), attitude research (flack), using video to tell stories (hack), meshing public relations and marketing (flack), dealing with reporters ...